Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Arrange Toolbar Order in Opera

For some unknown reason the folks over at Opera decided not to allow their toolbars to be ordered. On top of that little problem they have also thought it prudent to put the tab bar above the address bar so it is over all awkward. This little tutorial should get you back on track.

While it is not actually possible to change the arrangement of the toolbars it is possible to drag the buttons around to to other toolbars. So effectively what we are going to be be doing is cloning the address bar.

  1. Open the toolbar appearance dialog by navigating though the menus, it is located at tools-appearance-toolbars.

  2. You should now have the dialog open and see a bunch of check boxes to enable/disable different toolbars. Enable the 'Main Bar' by clicking on the check box next to it.

  3. Note: You have to leave the toolbar appearance dialog open for the next steps.

  4. Now you should see the fat 'Main Bar' above the tabs bar. Remove all the buttons from it by right clicking on them and choosing 'Remove Button from Toolbar'.

  5. Drag all the buttons and navigation elements from the 'Address Bar' up to your not empty 'Main Bar'

  6. Back in the dialog there is a drop down menu that is called styles. Choose images only from the drop down and uncheck the 'Address Bar' checkbox.

Optional: I also did not like the little menu that slides down from my address bar so I got rid of it by unchecking the 'Start Bar'

That should get your Opera toolbars back in happyland.


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